Regulations of Institute
  1. Students joining this College must observe all the rules and regulations of this College enforced from time to time and submit to the normal enforcement of the same to the satisfaction of the Principal, whose decision in this regard will be binding and final.
  2. All students are responsible to the Principal and teachers for their conduct in and outside the College.
  3. Insubordination and unbecoming language or conducts are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a teacher trainee.
  4. Regular daily attendance and punctuality are insisted upon. While the University demands a minimum of 75% attendance, the College desires 90% if not cent percent, attendance of the teacher trainees. Failing short of required number of days of attendance may offset the results.
  5. Leave of absence will not normally be granted, other than for illness, and teacher trainees are discouraged from involving themselves in other commitments and activities because of the intensive nature of the course.
  6. Students are expected to be present and to participate in all the events and programs organised during the course. Absence at these functions will be viewed seriously.
  7. Any damage to the College property will have to be made good by those responsible for it. The decision of the Principal regarding the amount will be final.
  8. Every student must carry the Identity Card and the Handbook with him or her, without which the student may be refused entry in to the College premises.
  9. Use of mobile phones is prohibited in the campus.
  10. The College does not accept responsibility for the loss of books, pens, money and valuables. It is not advisable for the students to have large sums of money or other valuable ornaments or articles with them.
  11. Students are required to abide by the discipline of the schools in which they practice or observe lessons.
  12. Books, periodicals or materials not pertaining to the prescribed course of studies, should not ordinarily be brought to the premises.
  13. Students should make themselves familiar with the University Ordinances and Regulations concerning them, and with the Regulations and Notices which may from time to time, be issued to them.
  14. Railway Concession forms are available at the College office.
  1. The timings for the B.Ed. Course on all working days are from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  2. Practice lessons will be given in the practice teaching schools, according to the time table drawn up by each school group. The timings of the schools are to be strictly adhered to .
  3. The Office timings for transactions. Monday to Saturday: 9.30 a.m - 5.00 p.m.

Library and Laboratory Regulations
  • The Library and Reading Room are open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. They are meant for the use of the staff and students of the Institute only. Post graduate students of other colleges, will be permitted the use of the library, if they are recommended by their Principal.
  • Alumni will be permitted the use of the Library according to the rules and regulations.
  • Students must show the Librarian their Identity Card whenever asked for, in the Library.
  • The Library follows an open-shelf system. Students are required to leave their bags outside the Library before accessing the books.
  • Applications for books shall be made on special slips, available at the Librarian's counter. The slip, clearly filled in, shall be handed over to the Librarian.
  • Only two books will be issued at a time, per student, for current reference against their ID Card.
  • Only three books for home reading, but not in the same subject are issued to each student at a time. Journals and books marked "For Reference" can only be used within the Library premises. Special permission of the Principal is required to take them out of the Library.
  • Text books for the B.Ed. course are issued for 3 days only, while books for General Reading are issued for one week. If a student wishes to keep a book or books for more than a week, he/she shall be required to apply for renewal for a further week, after showing the books to the Librarian, who may or may not renew the issue, at his/her discretion. Books which are 'in demand' by students will not be issued for Home Study or Reading.
  • Books should be examined by the borrower before leaving the library, and if the book is damaged the Librarian should be notified. Damage sustained by books while in the borrower's custody will be laid to the borrower's account and he/she will have to make good the damage. Writing of any kind in the books is punished with fine.
  • All books must be returned immediately after the final examination.
  • Smoking and eating in the Library and Reading Room are forbidden and silence must be strictly observed by all.
  • Pictures, maps, roll-up B.Bs. and teaching apparatus are issued from the A.V. Aids Room. They are issued only one day before the particular lesson for which they are needed. These articles must be returned intact, on the same day the lesson is over or on the following day, at the latest.
  • Books, Teaching Aids etc. shall ordinarily be returned by the same student to whom they were issued. On returning the books and teaching aids, students shall satisfy themselves that the entries against names are duly cancelled by the Librarian or Lab Assistant, for they will be held responsible for the books/aids entered against their names.
  • A fine of two rupees per day, including holidays, will be charged for books and teaching aids not returned within the specified time. A receipt for the same will be issued by the Librarian/Lab Assistant.
  • Students shall be asked to make good, any loss or damage done to books, teaching aids etc. issued to them and they shall have to replace the same.
  • Students shall be entitled to collect their Mark Sheets and Leaving certificates only after all books and teaching aids or equipment against their names, have been returned, replaced or paid for.
  • All are expected to treat the Library and A.V. Aids Room as their own and to cooperate in their efficient and smooth running. Any suggestions as to their general improvement, or to the addition of new books, magazines and teaching aids, will always be welcome.
  • Students may avail of the photocopying facility at the prescribed rates.